Baby and Toddler Equipment Avex Kids Water Bottle Review

Published on August 16th, 2017 | by Tae


Avex Kids Water Bottle Review

After throwing out cups due to mold, unsatisfactory size and breaking, I decided to get my toddler these water bottles by Avex. Here’s our Avex Kids Water Bottle review;


Avex Kids Water Bottle Review

  • RRP £7.99
  • 3+
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe

My daughter is very, very active, so I wanted water bottles that were a big size and really durable. We’ve had these water bottles about a month now, and I’m pleased to report they’re all still in one piece! They hold about 400ml of liquid, which is just under a pint I think. So it’s a great size, but I did need to buy the 2 pack so I could take both with us when we’re out running around the park all day.

They’re easy to clean and haven’t gone moldy at all. The straw disconnects from the top so you can really get in there and clean it. It’s easy to open for kids too, you just press a button and the spout pops out and when you want to close it, you just press the spout down and it auto clicks into place.

The spout is made of soft, rubber like material, so your children won’t scrape it with their teeth and make it look all horrible. I’m also pleased to report these are, in fact, leak and spill proof. Even if it’s held upside down and shaken in an effort to deliberately spill.

Visually, they still look great, though not as great as the day I bought them. Anyone else hate when their kids water bottles design gets all scratched off, the plastic looks discoloured and it just looks gross? There is a few very faint scratches on the bottle and a bit of discolouration to the the handle, but the Avex logo hasn’t scratched off and everything else looks great. Here’s proof! Please excuse the little hand marks!

Avex Kids Water Bottle Review

Avex Kids Water Bottle Review; Final Thought

Great size, simple design that doesn’t look ratty and gross after a month solid usage, very durable and easy clean. Everything I wanted in a water bottle for my toddler!

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