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Baby Feeding Problems Refusing To Eat

All parents have been there. One day your baby might be a great eater, the next, everything stops! It’s very frustrating and worrying when your baby just won’t eat, but in most cases, it’s completely normal. Please note this post “Baby Feeding Problems Refusing To Eat”, is written with weaned or weaning babies in mind. If your newborn or baby under 6 months is refusing to feed, please see a GP! 

Baby Feeding Problems Refusing To Eat

First, you have to address any problems your baby might have. There are a tonne of reasons why our babies start refusing meals. Here are some of the more common reasons;

He’s getting sick

How do we feel when we start to come down with a cold? Tired, achy, no appetite. It’s essentially the same for our little ones. I found with my children (especially the youngest), I could always tell when they were coming down with something. Not by a hot head or the sniffles though. They’d always go off their food the day before, then the runny nose and temperature would start the day after. Honestly, the first thing I think of when I hear “baby feeding problems refusing to eat”, is that baby is getting a cold.

If you suspect your baby may be off his food because of a possible virus, the best thing to do in this situation is not force food on him or make him sit until he eats something. Just put the food away and offer him little bits through out the day, If he’s hungry, he will eat. Remember plenty of water too!

He’s teething

Teething is painful, like really painful. It hurts all their little mouths and gums, so you can see why they’d be put off eating, right? Giving baby paracetamol or baby ibuprofen will take the edge off the pain for your baby, teething granules and giving them something to chew on can help tremendously too.

If you suspect teething, you can give them foods to chew on that can help your baby with the pain. Cold food is great, like carrot sticks or cucumber. When my kids were teething, I got one of those ice lolly makers and jut froze some water for them to chew on! Crispy bread sticks and rice crackers are also great choices for a teething baby.

Please remember to not give your baby food if you’ve used a numbing gel on their gums as increases the risk of choking.

baby feeding problems

Drinking too much water or milk

You’d think it was a no brainer, right? That you wouldn’t give your kid too much milk or water. I thought that too. Turns out you can! My first was still drinking 8 ounce bottles every 4 hours for the first few months after we started the weaning process. I still look back and wonder how I was baffled that he refused to eat, but I was.

If your weaning baby is still a heavy milk drinker, but not that much interested in food, you might want to cut down the milk.

Scared/unwilling to try new food

Yup. This is a thing too. Very, very frustrating but seriously common. The way I deal with this in my house, is to keep offering the food until they’ve at least tried it. If they try it and seriously hate it, I won’t offer it again until a few months later to see if their tastes have changed.

I never force my kids to eat, but I do offer it until they pick it up. Once they’ve picked it up I offer a few enthusiastic cheers of encouragement and they’ll eventually try the food in front of them. One thing I don’t do, is offer something else. That teaches your baby that if they hold out long enough, something better is going to come along. This is a behavior that you really, really don’t want your kids to get into, so it’s best to just stick with your guns!

So, I hope you found some reassurance in my post “Baby Feeding Problems Refusing To Eat”.  It’s such a common problem but can be so worrying, especially as a first time parent.

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