Children's Toys Battle Moves Pikachu Review

Published on July 20th, 2016 | by Tae


Battle Moves Pikachu Review

Battle Moves Pikachu Review Tae
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Summary: Amazing toy for Pokemon fans. Who doesn't want their own battle Pikachu?!


Pika Pika!

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I cannot tell you how happy I am Pokemon has made a giant comeback, young and old! Being a rabid fan of the franchise when I was a kid, I’m so excited for all the new Pokemon themed toys! Here’s my Pokemon Battle Moves Pikachu review!


  • UK £34.99
  • US $39.99
  • 4-8 Years
  • 4 AA Batteries (included)




Battle Moves Pikachu Review Visuals

The Battle Moves Pikachu is made by Tomy, and they’ve done a really good job! Pikachu definitely looks like the Pikachu we all know and love and he’s good, durable quality. His little red cheeks and tail light up when performing his battle moves and he’s got just the cutest look of cheeky determination on his face! Pokemon fans will love him!

Dimensions; 14 x 6 x 11 inches.

Battle Moves Pikachu Review Features

Battle Moves Pikachu has 3 different battle moves;

Electro Bolt

  • Pikachu races across the floor and launches a ball off his tail (he comes with 3 balls)

Iron Tail

  • Pikachu’s tail lights up and he spins around

Quick Attack

  • Pikachu races across the floor

Battle Moves Pikachu Review

Which Pokemon fan doesn’t want their very own attack Pikachu?! This toy is amazing for little fans! The controls to get him to do each attack are a bit like a secret code though; push the ears back and press 1 stripe etc. Nothing an eager kid won’t learn whilst playing though!

The Electro Bolt move is the most fun for the kids from what I’ve seen. Luckily, Pikachu comes with 3 projectile balls to perform this move with as they can get lost easily. The balls have a slot on them to slot onto Pikachu’s tail so it’s unfortunate you can’t just use any ball (anyone else have 1 million Bright Starts play balls lying around?) so keep them safe if you can!

Battle Moves Pikachu has a voice too, this really adds to the battle moves! If you ever watched the show as a kid, he sounds exactly like that and does his usual battle cries! (Pika! Pika! Pi!!!) and he makes electric sound effects that sound more like an old arcade game to me, but still really cool effects!

This is a great toy if your little one is a Pokemon fan. I can’t fault it, I kinda want it for myself!


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