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Published on July 8th, 2016 | by Tae


BeatBo Review – The Dance Toy By Fisher Price

BeatBo Review – The Dance Toy By Fisher Price Tae
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Summary: Babies and toddlers will love grooving to BeatBo! Flashing lights and catchy tunes are a babies wildest dream!


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BeatBo by Fisher Price is the toy everyone went insane over last Christmas. It’s a dancing robot with music and lights that has some educational value too! Here’s my BeatBo review;


    • £39.99
    • $39.99
    • 4 AA Batteries (included)



BeatBo Review Visuals

This toy is very colourful and exciting to look at! Fisher Price know what pleases children visually and they have got it right with this toy. It’s got a big, happy face, a large LED window on the tummy and long rainbow ears. This toy is made of durable plastic so will survive throws and knocks from your children. It’s also available in pink, called the BeatBelle.

Dimensions; 14 x 5.5 x 13 inches.

BeatBo Review Features

BeatBo has 3 modes;

Dance ‘N’ Move

  • BeatBo will dance and bop his head to the music every time your little one pushes the buttons on his shoes or the LED lights on his tummy.

Learning & Games

  • BeatBo will sing his ABCs, count up to 10 and help teach colours to your children.

Freeze Dance

  • Kind of like the game “Musical Statues”. BeatBo will ask your kids to freeze when the music stops and dance when it plays

It also has the awesome feature that lets you record a song or phrase and BeatBo will sing it back to you! It’s not just a recording of your voice either, it will be remixed with music and voice changers.

BeatBo also has volume control.

BeatBo Review

BeatBo is a hell of a lot of fun for young children! It’s a really cute, exciting toy, every aspect of it will appeal to little ones. It encourages them to get up and dance, or butt shuffle and wiggle if they’re very young! The songs are catchy and up-beat and the light show on his tummy is absolutely fantastic!

BeatBo will surely appeal to babies and toddlers alike (and occasionally 7 year olds!). Babies love the colours and movements while older children can play Freeze Dance and benefit from the educational side.

There is a downside to this toy though, the music doesn’t stay on very long. Definitely not as long as I would have liked. The songs are over in about, maybe 20 seconds. It’s a shame, because without that 1 negative it really would be a pretty much flawless toy. Hopefully Fisher Price might release an updated version with longer songs one day!

That being said, I really do think this is a fantastic toy. Now it’s not currently the IT toy, it seems to have gone a wee bit down in price in a lot of stores, so it would be more than worth you picking up for your kids! It really is a lot of fun.

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