Children's Toys Blu Blu The Baby Dolphin review

Published on July 18th, 2016 | by Tae


Blu Blu The Baby Dolphin Review – Ocean Pet!

Blu Blu The Baby Dolphin Review – Ocean Pet! Tae
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Summary: Lovely toy for kids who love to nurture!



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If you’ve got a child who loves to care for dollies and animals, this might be the perfect toy for them. A baby dolphin who needs love and care just like a human baby! Here’s my Blu Blu The Baby Dolphin review;


  • UK £49.99
  • US $78.37
  • 3-8 Years
  • 4 AA Batteries (included)



Blu Blu The Baby Dolphin Review Visuals

Blu Blu The Baby Dolphin is seriously adorable,from his big baby eyes right down to his little flippers. He’s quite a bit bigger than anticipated, so do be aware of that! He’s snugly and cuddly, all the right materials that our children love in a plush toy.

Dimensions; 22.8 x 14.9 x 11.8 inches.

Blu Blu The Baby Dolphin Review Features

Blu Blu the Baby Dolphin needs love, care and attention to thrive.

  • He’ll get lonely and call for you if you haven’t played with him in a few days
  • Give him his dummy/pacifier to send him to sleep
  • Feed him his fish if he gets hungry
  • You can pet his head and calm him
  • Eyes open and close
  • Mouth opens and closes
  • Makes cute baby dolphin sounds

Blu Blu The Baby Dolphin Review

Ooh, he’s too cute! My middle child is so used to interactive pet toys being robots, Blu Blu The Baby Dolphin was a real surprise to her! She’s 2 and a half, so a tiny bit under the recommended age for this toy, but she still loved it. This toy really brings out the maternal/paternal instincts in your kids, if you have a child who loves to care for toys and pets, they’ll love it.

The sounds he makes are very cute and he makes an excellent bedtime buddy for your little ones too as he goes to sleep with them. The 2 interactive toys that come with him are a nice touch, my middle child loves giving the dummy to her little sister so Blu Blu’s dummy feature really went down well with her. Blu Blu comes everywhere with her!

The features of this toy are repetitive and may get old fast for some children though. It’s quite an expensive toy to buy to just have laying around, so be cautious of that. This is the type of toy that your child will either really love or they won’t play with because they just saw an advert and thought “WOW”.

All in all though, Blu Blu The Baby Dolphin is a lovely toy for kids, even if he is a bit pricey!

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