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Published on June 11th, 2016 | by Tae


Bugaboo Bee3 Review – The Ultimate City Pushchair

Bugaboo Bee3 Review – The Ultimate City Pushchair Tae

Summary: A small, nimble pushchair that does everything a big, bulky pram does, and more!


Compact Parent-Facing

Okay, so I’ve owned and tried a hell of a lot of pushchairs during my time as a parent, so I know my way round a buggy or 2. If you find yourself asking “why can’t I find a small pushchair that does everything a big, bulky pram would do?” look no further. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mums and Dads, I present to you… my Bugaboo Bee3 review.

  • UK £539
  • USA $719


This is the new and improved version of the Bugaboo Bee range, following the original Bee and the Bee+. If you’re familiar with the older models, the Bugaboo Bee3 has made a great pushchair even greater.

Bugaboo Bee3 Review Features

  • Parent Facing AND World Facing (Yes!!!!)
  • Extendable canopy
  • Size adjustable seat to grow with your child
  • Suitable from birth (with the newborn cocoon or the all new carrycot)
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • 3 position seat recline (flat, semi flat, upright)
  • Compatible with car seats
  • 4 wheel suspension
  • 22L shopping basket (super!)
  • Dimensions when folded 35 x 18 x 12 inches

Bugaboo Bee3 Review

This has all the features of a great pram, just without the bulk. It’s tiny. I love it.

Bugaboo Bee3 Review


Wow, I’m so in love with this pram it’s untrue. Being a city dweller myself, I’ve found it invaluable. The Bugaboo Bee3 does absolutely everything I want without restricting me because of its size. I live on the 2nd floor of my building and the lift is tiny, but the Bee goes in along side me better than an umbrella stroller. Public transport has been a breeze, I can fit on buses and trains without having to take my baby out and fold away the pram. I can fit in the narrowest of shop aisles and float past bulkier prams without crashing into another disgruntled parent, and then I can put my shopping in the bag underneath and glide off home. And I do mean glide, this pushchair is unbelievably smooth and maneuverable. Being out and about with the Bugaboo Bee3 is just so easy.

The Bugaboo Bee3 is suitable up until your child is 4, as you’re able to actually adjust the pushchair seat itself as your child grows. It’s the only pram you’ll ever need.

It’s light. So light. I’m not very strong at all but I can carry the Bugaboo Bee3 just fine with the seat or carrycot attached. The pushchair itself weighs around 9kg even with the seat unit/carrycot attached. The fold is nice and compact, so it will fit in small car boots, luggage holds and can be easily stored away at home. If you owned the previous Bee+, you might have noticed some wheel craziness when you tried to walk fast or had too much shopping etc. I’m delighted to report that the Bugaboo Bee3 has this issue fixed! No more crazy wheels when you’re in a rush!

I cannot tell you how happy I was when I came across Bugaboo pushchairs. To finally find a compact, parent facing pushchair was like having my prayers answered. Switching the seat from parent facing to world facing was surprisingly easy for even a massive clutz like myself.

You can order your own colour combinations for the canopy and seat fabric, and choose between aluminium and black for your chassis colour, though black will cost you extra.


So I’ve sung the Bugaboo Bee3 praises, I think it’s time to address some negatives.

This is not a suitable pram if you plan on going hiking, or off-roading, or live around a lot of cobblestones. I’ve not tried it for an extended period of time on such hard terrains, but when I have come across it, my Bee does not like it. It’s essentially a city pram, I would definitely not recommend this pushchair if you plan on doing any of those things frequently. The Bugaboo Bee3 likes pavements and grass.

Also, the price. Wowza. This is not a cheap pushchair.

  • The basic pushchair is £539/$719
  • If you want a black frame that’s an extra £50/$50
  • Or if you want the limited edition diesel frame, an extra £150/$200
  • Carrycot £200/$230
  • Newborn cocoon £74.95/$99.95
  • Car seat adapters £34.95/$44.95

The price is justifiable though. I’ve spent so much more than that changing my pushchairs over and over, trying to find the perfect one. If the Bugaboo Bee3 does everything you want, it’s the only pushchair you’ll ever have to buy. You could also look into buying a Bee3 second hand, though they do hold their prices extremely well. Which is actually good thing, if you think about it!

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