Preschool Toys Build-a-Beat Stacker Review

Published on July 11th, 2016 | by Tae


Build-a-Beat Stacker Review – A Different Kind Of Stacker

Build-a-Beat Stacker Review – A Different Kind Of Stacker Tae

Build-a-Beat Stacker

Ease of Use

Summary: Great introductory toy to stacking! Little ones will have a lot of fun with this musical stacker.



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As I’ve mentioned before, stackers are a fantastic way for your child to hone in on their co-ordination skills! Fisher Price have taken the idea of a stacker and made it a whole lot more interesting for your little ones! Here’s my Build-a-Beat Stacker review!


    • UK £17.99
    • US $17.99
    • 6 Months – 3 Years
    • 3 AA Batteries (included)



Build-a-Beat Stacker Review Visuals

Visually, the Build-a-Beat stacker reminds me a lot of BeatBo! It’s vibrant, colourful and looks pretty exciting to children. There’s 4 “Boogie Buddies” that are the actual stackers, all in different colours. The stackers themselves are all the same size, which is interesting as most stackers have varying sizes. There’s a large base included for you child to stack the Boogie Buddies on.

Most importantly, as with most Fisher-Price products, it’s decent, durable quality.

Dimensions; 8 x 5.5 x 11 inches.

Build-a-Beat Stacker Review Features

The Build-a-Beat stacker has 2 modes;


  • When your baby stacks the Boogie Buddies, a different sound will play with each one.


  • When your baby stacks any Boogie Buddy, lights will flash and music will play.

There’s also a volume control slider.

Build-a-Beat Stacker Review

I love this stacker! My kids have tried a lot through the years, and this is definitely one of the most fun looking. I like how there’s no actual order to the stacking pieces themselves, this makes it ideal for younger children who haven’t quite worked out “order”.  Obviously, that can be a bit of a downside as your children get older and you want to introduce problem solving and order to them, you’d probably want to invest in a size based ring stacker as well.

The sounds and noises are really fun for little ones, my 12 month old loves it! She’ll sit and scream with delight at the lights and music, she got the hang of stacking this particular toy a lot faster than I thought she would, but it didn’t get old fast for her.

My 2 year old thinks it’s great, but she doesn’t love it like her sister does. This is probably due to the fact she’s nearer the end of the age bracket for this toy. She’ll still sit and have a bit of fun with this toy though.

My final thought for the Build-a-Beat Stacker review, I do recommend it for younger children and babies, I wouldn’t have bought it just for my 2 year old as there’s a lot of better toys out there for 2+. If you’re looking for a stacker for your tiny one though, this is a great one. It’s a lovely toy for them to start getting to grips with stacking, as I mentioned earlier, there’s no right or wrong to this stacker! Combine that with entertaining music/sounds and flashing lights, and it’s a babies dream stacker!

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