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Baby and Toddler Equipment CBeebies Sweet Dreams Squidge Review

Published on June 14th, 2016 | by Tae


CBeebies Sweet Dreams Squidge Review

CBeebies Sweet Dreams Squidge Review Tae
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Summary: The time has come to say goodnight! Cbeebies fans will love owning their very own Squidge!



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When Ewan the Dream Sheep stopped working for my little one, I tried a lot of different bedtime toys! One of those was the CBeebies Sweet Dreams Squidge. My baby never really paid attention to the television unless Night Garden or the CBeebies bedtime song was on, so I thought I’d give Squidge a try. Here’s our CBeebies Sweet Dreams Squidge review;


  •  £19.99
  • 10 Months+
  • 3 AAA Batteries (included)

CBeebies Sweet Dreams Squidge Review;


CBeebies Sweet Dreams Squidge is a very recognisable Squidge cushion wearing a little night hat. He flashes different colours whilst singing the CBeebies bedtime hour final song, that’s “the time has come to say goodnight”, if you’re not sure. There’s a standard velcro flap at the back that hides the battery pack nice and safely so your child can cuddle up with a soft Squidge.

The Sweet Dreams Squidge is a really cute bedtime toy for little CBeebies fans, they will love the familiar face.

CBeebies Sweet Dreams Squidge Review

CBeebies Sweet Dreams Squidge Review;


As I already mentioned, the CBeebies Sweet Dreams Squidge toy flashes with lights whilst the Cbeebies bedtime song plays when you press the star button. Squidge does only play that one song and only once. The song and lights last about 35 seconds. There’s also no volume control on Squidge which is a shame because this toy is a tad loud for a bedtime toy in my opinion.

CBeebies Sweet Dreams Squidge Review

It’s a familiar face and sings a familiar song. It’s a really sweet bedtime toy. The fact that it only plays the last song from the bedtime hour definitely doesn’t bug the little one as it’s her favourite song from the bedtime hour, but I can’t help thinking it would have been a nice touch to have “Goodbye Sun” on the toy as well. The only actual downside in my opinion though, is the lack of volume control. It’s quite loud in the dead of night. You’d be surprised how startling being awoken by “the time has come to say goodnight” can actually be!

The lights and sound of Squidge are really soothing. It’s very beautiful in the dark. The lights flash different colours slowly and evenly until the end of the song where they flash kinda fast. It’s quite mesmerising! The sound quality on the song is great, it sounds exactly like the song on TV.

If your kids love CBeebies, they’re gonna love Sweet Dreams Squidge.


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