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Published on August 12th, 2016 | by Tae


Essential Baby Toys on a Budget

Babies aren’t babies for very long, yet we find ourselves buying them toys, trying to engage with them and stimulate their brains! The thing with babies is, they aren’t bothered how much we spend, or if it’s got the Fisher Price or Vtech logo on it. They’re happy with simple stuff! Here’s a list of how to keep babies entertained without breaking the bank.

Emergency Foil Blanket

Oh my God, my babies have had so much fun with these things, and they’re, like, £1 off eBay. It’s basically just a massive, crinkly piece of foil and it’s LOUD. And shiny. Shiny is always a plus! Your baby will be very entertained with this one, I recommend it from the age of about 5 months+. I’ve not tried it with a newborn, but I have an inkling it might scare them a wee bit!

Dry Rice in a Coke Bottle

It doesn’t have to be a coke bottle, I just happen to drink a lot of coke. Just bung some rice in a used plastic bottle and, boom, you have a makeshift rattle! Babies just looooove rattles!

Mundane Things in a Basket

You know, things like wooden spoons, empty bottles, little sheets of fabric. I’ve actually witnessed one of my children when they were a baby sit there for 45 minutes taking random, boring stuff out of the basket, inspecting each one, putting it back, rinse and repeat. It was magical. If you really want to amp it up, switch the basket up to a travel bag with a zipper. My youngest loves the added challenge of a zipper. I’ve not met a baby yet who doesn’t fall for the “Mundane Things in a Basket” toy.

Flashing Light Things

They sell them at bonfire get togethers and stuff like that. Possibly the pound shop, even down your local Tesco. They’re just cheap bits of plastic that flash colours, babies love them. I had my 2 month old niece transfixed with one last week, seeing as how my 1 year old really doesn’t care about it anymore. It’s kind of like a sensory toy I guess? I don’t know, but they love them! You can get little balls with LED flashes too, and bath toys!

So, there’s 4 of my little tricks for not breaking the bank for young babies! If you and your little ones try any of these, I hope you guys enjoy them as much as we do!

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