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Feed Me Dino Review

Feed Me Dino Review Tae
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Summary: Lots of fun for little learners. Be careful giving this to younger kids, disc poses choking hazard!


Hungry Dino!

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I’ve probably already mentioned I love dinosaurs, so I couldn’t resist getting the Feed Me Dino by Vtech for my little ones! I’m a big fan of educational fun, something Vtech promises with this toy, so here’s our Feed Me Dino Review;


    • UK £21.99
    • USA $19.99
    • 1-3 Years
    • 2 AA Batteries (included)

Feed Me Dino Review;


Cute, cute, cute! Feed Me Dino is a beautiful shade of eye catching green. There’s 5 colourful, numbered buttons on his belly in different shapes and he has a red flashing light on the top of his head, similar to the nose on the Fisher Price Cookie Jar. There’s a yellow musical disc on his back that children can spin to play songs and an orange hatch to store all his food discs too!

Feed Me Dino is made of good quality, durable plastic. It’s made by Vtech, a respected baby toy company so you know you’re getting a quality product!

Dimensions; 4.9 x 8.3 x 7.1 inches.

Feed Me Dino Review;


Feed Me Dino is an interactive educational toy that aims to teach your children shapes, colours, numbers and food! He comes with 8 different coloured discs with pictures of different healthy food on them and a spinning wheel on his back that plays different songs when your child spins it. He’s also got a string so he makes a pretty awesome pull along toy too!

He has 2 modes of play; meal mode and counting mode. In meal mode, Feed Me Dino will ask for a food and your child can slot the right food disc into his mouth. Feed Me Dino will sing a cute little song about the certain food he ate and praise your child when they slot the right food disc in! If your child presses the buttons on his tummy in meal mode, he’ll say what shape the button is. If the red question mark button on his head is pressed whilst in this mode, he’ll ask for another certain healthy treat!

Counting mode obviously aims to teach numbers. When his tummy buttons are pushed in this mode he’ll say the numbers and if his question mark button is pressed he’ll ask for a certain number of foods to be fed to him instead of a certain type. The food discs can be retrieved from the orange hatch on his lower tummy.

Feed Me Dino has the usual 2 option volume control often found on children’s toys.

Feed Me Dino Review

This is such a great toy! It offers your child a lot of education and fun! There’s so much to go through together. It will grow with your toddler as they start to absorb more information about numbers, colours, food and shapes. Plus, it helps you teach your child about healthy eating too as all the food discs are healthy fruits and vegetables. I really love the visuals of the Feed Me Dino, it’s so vibrant and cute, my children love it too.

One thing I will say, this toy does pose a choking hazard. I nearly didn’t buy it because of the discs. This toy was a present for my youngest, who was at the age of putting absolutely everything in her mouth. I sit with her every single time we play with it and she’s tried to put these discs in her mouth on multiple occasions. If I wasn’t watching, she would have succeeded. These discs are big, but could fit in my 1 year old’s mouth just fine. Well, not fine really as they’ll choke. If you are going to get Feed Me Dino for the youngest recommended age, watch them like a hawk. I’d say the age range would probably more suited from 18 months.

Other than that, it’s a lovely toy with a lot to offer you and your little ones. It’s a great activity toy parents and toddlers can have a bit of fun with together too. Something you’ll both really enjoy!

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