Preschool Toys Fisher Price Cookie Jar Review

Published on June 21st, 2016 | by Tae


Fisher Price Cookie Jar Review- Shape Sorting Fun!

Fisher Price Cookie Jar Review- Shape Sorting Fun! Tae
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Summary: The Fisher Price Cookie Jar will keep your little one entertained for quite a while!


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Shape sorters are fantastic for practicing hand eye co-ordination and problem solving in little ones. The Fisher Price Cookie Jar is a shape sorter that counts, sings and encourages your child to sort those shapes! Here’s our Fisher Price Cookie Jar review;


    • UK £19.99
    • USA $19.99
    • 6 Months +
    • 3 AA Batteries (included)

Fisher Price Cookie Jar Review Visuals

The Fisher Price Cookie Jar is so cute and happy! It’s purple and yellow with a little red flashing nose to compliment it’s happy face. It comes with 5 different numbered shapes. 1 a yellow circle, 2 a red heart, 3 a green triangle, 4 a blue square and 5 a purple star. There’s also a pink version with pastel coloured shapes if you prefer!

The Fisher Price Cookie Jar isn’t too big and it’s by Fisher Price (obviously), so you can expect a good, durable quality toy.

Dimensions; 6.9 x 4.8 x 7.9 inches.

Fisher Price Cookie Jar Review Features

The Fisher Price Cookie Jar has 2 modes of play; Shape Mode and Number Mode. 1 obviously focusing on educating your child shapes and the other educating numbers. It sings and its little nose flashes along.  There’s little buttons in the shape sorting holes, so the jar knows when and which shape has been pushed through correctly.

An awesome feature of the Fisher Price Cookie Jar is that it’s motion sensitive. When my baby first got the toy, she’d love to chuck a load of random toys in the top. The motion sensor knew she was putting toys in the jar and would praise her! It’s great for encouraging little babies who haven’t grasped the shape sorting, but love to put things in boxes/jars etc.

Fisher Price Cookie Jar Review

My current youngest child adores this toy! My eldest even has a go too. We got the Fisher Price Cookie Jar as a gift for her first Christmas last year and it’s still a hot favourite. She’s just turned 1, so she’s not quite grasped shape sorting, but she loves putting things in the top of the cookie jar and putting the lid on. It keeps her very entertained for quite a while! This toy isn’t loud, usually a big plus in my opinion as the tunes and jingles of certain toys get old, fast. Sometimes this toy seems a little too quiet though, even with the volume on its loudest setting.

The only real negative in my opinion is that sometimes it’s quite hard to get the shapes into the slots because of the little buttons. It’s not an issue for the children, but I have seen my youngest go to put in the right shape and be discouraged because it “doesn’t fit”.

This is only a minor inconvenience though, outweighed by the fact the Fisher Price Cookie Jar will probably last most children a long time, it doesn’t seem to get old for them!

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