Preschool Toys Fisher Price Stroll Along Musical Walker Review

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Fisher Price Stroll Along Musical Walker Review

Fisher Price Stroll Along Musical Walker Review Tae
Ease of Use

Summary: This walker encourages your child to push and walk behind it rather than sit at the front where the good bits are!



This is a very cute pushchair walker that merrily plays music as your child takes Princess Chimes, or occasionally a Twirlywoo, for a stroll. Here’s our Fisher Price Stroll Along Musical Walker Review;


    • UK £34.99 
    • 3 AA Batteries

Fisher Price Stroll Along Musical Walker Review


It’s beautiful! The baby pink, royal-looking seat has 3 jewels at the top that light up as your baby pushes and music plays. There’s 4 brightly coloured beads and a butterfly whose wings can be flipped like a book on the pretend safety bar. It’s a nice size too, definitely not too big. It can be nicely tucked away unlike other walkers on the market.

Seriously, just take a look at the picture and tell me it’s not the prettiest baby walker out there!

Dimensions; 5.5 x 19.1 x 15.9 inches.

Fisher Price Stroll Along Musical Walker Review


The Fisher Price Stroll Along Walker plays music and flashes the lights automatically when your baby pushes it along. It really is an adorable thing to witness. There’s a heart wand at the top of the pushchair that also plays the music when your baby hits it or presses it.

There’s 2 different volume settings, thankfully, as indoors the loudest setting is far too loud and outside the middle setting is far too quiet.

There’s the pretend safety bar with beads and butterfly, babies will like to twist and turn the beads and flip the butterfly’s wings.

The Fisher Price Stroll Along Walker is also supposed to encourage early roleplay and nurture, though my child spends more time throwing Princess Chimes out of the pushchair rather than nurturing her. I have once seen my child give Princess Chimes a kiss on one occasion and put her back in the pushchair on another though, so maybe this is an actual feature!

Fisher Price Stroll Along Musical Walker Review

The Fisher Price Stroll Along Walker is the pushchair only; you have to buy the matching doll, Princess Chime, separately which bumps up the cost. I ended up paying close to £50 for the doll and the pushchair together.

It’s also extremely hard to construct in my opinion. It came completely disassembled and took me over an hour to even get close to understanding how to construct this toy. Even then I had to leave it with someone else so they could construct it and I picked it up the next day.

It was worth it though. I’m not sure if the Fisher Price Stroll Along Walker is officially an outdoor toy as well as indoor, but I took it to the park with my child anyway and she had a lot of fun pushing Princess Chime around the grass.

It seems very sturdy, we’ve had no accidents and my younger child is still learning to walk. The music encourages her to keep going, a feature I love as the other stroll along walkers seem very boring as the baby can’t actually see anything from behind.

Overall it’s a very pretty and fun walker for babies finding their feet, the cost is quite high compared to other stroll along walkers on the market though, especially if you want the matching doll. However, this stroll along walker actually encourages your babies to walk behind it instead of just sit in front of it where the good bits are, which is the absolute best feature in my opinion.

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