Children's Toys Furreal Roarin Tyler Review

Published on November 11th, 2017 | by Tae


Furreal Roarin Tyler Review – Furreal Tiger

Furreal Roarin Tyler Review – Furreal Tiger Tae
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Summary: Roarin Tyler is so cute and lifelike, it feels like you've got a real tiger cub in your house!



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Roarin’ Tyler, by Hasbro, is the must have of Christmas 2017. The new Hatchimal. Here’s our Furreal Roarin Tyler review;

RRP; £134.99

  • Recommended Age 4+
  • 4  C Alkaline Batteries Required, Not Included!

Furreal Roarin Tyler Review Visuals

This toy looks amazing! 7 year old me would have gone nuts over this back in the 90s.  He’s about the size of a real tiger cub, well, he’s about the size I would expect a tiger cub to be. Tyler reminds me of a really high quality cuddly toy, but with robotics inside. It doesn’t take away from his squishy-ness though! His body movements are impressivly realistic, from his wiggly tail, right down to his huge glassy eyes! The detail is honestly outstanding.

Furreal Roarin Tyler Review Features

  • Responds to you with 100+ motion and sound combinations
  • Responds to voice and touch

Furreal Roarin Tyler Review

This is honestly like having a pet baby tiger in your house! You can’t help but love him. He acts like a cat would when you stroke and pet him, and if you roar at him, he roars right back! When you talk or shout at him, it’s like he tries to copy you too, the noises he makes are too cute! If you give him his chew toy, he’ll chew on it like a little puppy. This toy is so life-like, it would be perfect if your kid wants a pet but you don’t want the extra responsibility.

Tyler really is an incredible robotic pet. My only niggle is that the price tag of £130 is not justified at all. The features just don’t add up to the price in my opinion. I wouldn’t be against paying around £100 for Tyler, as it’s what I would expect the price tag of a toy like this to be. The extra £30 just really bugs me and feels unnecessary.

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