Children's Toys Ghost Hunt Evolution Game Review

Published on December 7th, 2016 | by Tae


Ghost Hunt Evolution Game Review

Ghost Hunt Evolution Game Review Tae
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Summary: A really fun game for not only your kids, but you as well!


So Much Fun!

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If your looking for a game for your kids that’s a little bit different to Connect 4 or Guess Who, Ghost Hunt Evolution could be right up your alley. Here’s our Ghost Hunt Evolution Game review;


  • £29.99
  • 5 Years +
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • 3 AAA Batteries

Ghost Hunt Evolution Game Review What’s In The Box?

  • Electronic Projector
  • Electronic Gun
  • “Multi Vision” Glasses

Ghost Hunt Evolution Game Review How Does It Work?

The aim of the game is set up the projector, put on your glasses and shoot those ghosts and bats. If you’re playing 2 player, whoever takes down the most ghoulies wins!

Ghost Hunt Evolution Review

Okay, this game is so awesome! You turn down all the lights, switch on the projector and it casts ghosts and bats all around you. Then you have to shoot them to score points and at the end of the game your score displays on your gun. You don’t actually need the glasses to see the ghosts, which is a good thing as they seem to be made of cardboard and could easily be lost/destroyed. The game makes scary noises while you play and spooky screams when you hit a target. There’s 3 different difficulty settings to appease everyone and you’ll even need to reload your gun during the battle. It’s immersive, competitive and just tonnes of fun!

Unfortunately, this set is only 1 player, so if you’re into this game too, you’re gonna be bummed out you and your kid can’t play together. You can make it happen, but you’ll have to shell out and extra £9.99 for another set of glasses and a gun. It’s totally worth it in my opinion, but I do feel it should come with 2 guns and 2 glasses standard.

Asides from that, I really don’t think you can go wrong with this game. Not only is it super fun for your kids, you’re more than likely gonna have a blast with it too!



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