Baby and Toddler Equipment The Gro Clock Sleep Trainer Review

Published on June 17th, 2016 | by Tae


The Gro Clock Sleep Trainer Review

The Gro Clock Sleep Trainer Review Tae
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Summary: Such a great tool to help your kids with their sleep training!



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The Gro Clock Sleep Trainer is a light up clock that shows your child the passage of time by using different colours and pictures. It’s supposed to help little ones learn when they should be in their bed sleeping and when they can get up and start their day.


    • UK £29.99
    • USA $49.99



The Gro Clock Sleep Trainer Review;


The clock face on the The Gro Clock Sleep Trainer is big and simple. It glows a lovely pale blue at night time. The face shows the time in digital in the middle and different pictures depending on whether it’s morning or night. The product itself is a nice size and the clock face itself is plastic not glass so it’s safe for your little one.

Dimensions; 4.9 x 6.5 x 8.8 inches.

The Gro Clock Sleep Trainer Review;


The The Gro Clock Sleep Trainer helps your child learn to sleep through the night. You can set the time they go to bed and what time you want them to wake up. When it’s time for bed, you push a button and the will sun go to sleep. It turns into a sleepy star with 12 little stars dotted around that slowly disappear over the hours. The little stars show your child how long they’ve got left before it’s time to wake up.

Gro Clock is childproof, there’s a button you can press that stops your child being able to mess with the settings. Really handy. Also, if your child doesn’t like too much light when they sleep, or if your child needs a night light, there’s a brightness setting.

It also comes with a bed time story book called “Sleepy Farm” that you read to your toddler before bed. This book teaches your toddler how to use the Gro Clock, basically explaining that if the sun isn’t up and the stars are still out, it’s not time to wake up.

The Gro Clock Sleep Trainer Review

The Gro Clock Sleep Trainer Review

The Gro Clock isn’t battery operated, it plugs into the mains which I think is awesome. I hate relying on batteries. I’m pretty sure I spend a good portion of my wage on batteries alone. BUT, this can also be a huge inconvenience. You’re limited to where you can actually display this clock in your child’s room.

I love the fact how you can set 2 “wake up” times. You can have one time for morning and a different one for naps. When your child is a little older and the problem becomes actually waking them up early enough, there’s an actual alarm function that helps them wake up on time too.

The best part about the Gro Clock though, is that it actually works. If your child comes into your room a lot at night or wakes up far too early, you should really give this clock a go. It really does help to promote healthy sleeping habits in young children.

Please note, if you buy this in the USA, you’ll need a voltage adapter. There’s no option for batteries on this clock.

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