Preschool Toys Laugh and Learn Puppy Review

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Laugh And Learn Puppy Review

Laugh And Learn Puppy Review Tae
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Summary: Cuddly toy with Smart Stages technology, lovely companion for your little ones.


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The Laugh and Learn Puppy is an interactive, educational cuddly toy by Fisher Price. There’s a lot of educational cuddly toys on the market, so what makes this pup so different from the others? Here’s our Laugh and Learn Puppy review;


    • UK £16.99
    • USA $22.99
    • 6 Months +
    • 3 AA Batteries (included)

Laugh And Learn Puppy Review;


The Laugh and Learn Puppy is about 13 inches tall and practically the same size/shape as Leapfrog’s Scout or Violet.

He has the signature fun, happy face and red nose that feature on most of Fisher Price’s “Laugh & Learn” range, 4 coloured paws, blue floppy ears and a red plastic heart. He’s great quality and very soft and snugly! The fact he’s electronic doesn’t make him any less of a cuddle toy for your kids.

The Laugh and Learn Puppy is also available in pink. She’s called the Laugh and Learn Sis!

Laugh And Learn Puppy Review;


The Laugh and Learn Puppy has the Fisher Price’s Smart Stages feature, which means it grows with your child from 6 months on-wards. You hold his bottom right paw in to change the Smart Stage level.

Each button on Laugh and Learn Puppy has 2 or 3 different phrases or songs. For example; if you press his heart on Stage 1, he’ll say “Heart!” if you press it again he says “red!” noise, and if you press it a 3rd time he’ll sing “Incy Wincy Spider”. Here’s a little about each stage;

Stage 1

This stage is for the younger children so it’s very basic.  It teaches colours and body parts through phrases and songs and has 2 nursery rhymes; “Incy Wincy Spider” and the “ABC Song”.

Stage 2

Stage 2 on the Laugh and Learn Puppy gets a bit more interactive. The educational phrases about colours and body parts are still there, but he introduces counting up to 3 and has 2 different songs this time; “Pat-a-Cake” and “If you’re happy and you know it!” which are more interactive for the older children.

Stage 3

This stage encourages imagination play. There’s a lot of animal sounds and the Laugh and Learn Puppy will ask your child to “hop like a bunny!” or “stomp like an elephant!”. It’s a very different toy from stage 1! It’s got a more “Let’s play!” vibe to it than the basic educational toy it starts as.

The Laugh and Learn Puppy also has changeable batteries.

Laugh And Learn Puppy Review

My youngest received it as a Christmas gift at 6 months old and she loves it! I think the Smart Stages feature Fisher Price has is amazing. It gives more life to a toy that would have become very basic once your child grows. Babies will love pressing the paws, ears, heart and tummy and seeing the puppy react, where older children will have so much fun interacting with the puppy! Doing silly stuff such as acting like animals and playing pat-a-cake.

One of the big features most interactive cuddly toys have, are the option to personalise your toy. While the Laugh and Learn Puppy lacks this, the Smart Stages feature more than makes up for it as it’s definitely going to grow with your child.

I’m trying to find a negative for the Laugh and Learn puppy, as I hate just singing something’s praises, but all I can come up with, is that it’s not the best looking interactive cuddly toy in the market in my opinion. That’s still a very loose negative though as the Puppy and the Sis are still so cute! We’ve had no trouble with it at all. It’s a very much-loved toy in this house!

Like Smart Stages technology? Check out my review on Fisher Price’s Smart Stages Tea Set!

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