Preschool Toys LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Review

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LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Review

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Review Tae
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Summary: A colourful, educational tea set from Leapfrog. This toy has much to offer your little ones!


Educational Tea!

The Musical Rainbow Tea Party, much like Fisher Price’s Smart Stages Tea Set, is an electronic, educational tea set toy. Daddy and I are always drinking tea, which has led to an interest in tea sets from our 2 young daughters. We received this tea set as a gift for our daughters birthday, so here’s our LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party review;





    • UK £19.99
    • USA $21.99
    • 1-3 Years
    • 3 AA Batteries




LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Review;


The Musical Rainbow Tea Party is very rainbow-y and very musical. It’s bright, vibrant colours will grab the attention of you little ones. The teapot has a cute little face and it comes with 2 little teacups and a very colourful 6 piece cake. It’s a very eye catching toy! The little heart shape on the teacups have stickers on and they do come off very easily though.

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Review;


The Musical Rainbow Tea Party lights up in 6 different colours. It also has 7 tea time songs and 50 different sounds and phrases. It has a window at the front that fills up and empties as you pour it out, just like real tea would!

You have a 6-piece cake with different colours and fruits on which I find really cool. You can teach your kid a lot just by playing with the cake, such as colours, numbers, fruits, even fractions!

The teapot itself teaches colours, numbers and manners. It teaches more colours than the Fisher Price variant, asking you to match the colours of the cake to the type of tea it just brewed. As we all know, it’s always best to match your tea and cake!  The counting education goes higher than 3 on the Musical Rainbow Tea Party too; I’ve heard it go up to 9, so I’m guessing it at least goes to 10? I’ve not heard 10 though.

You can lift the lid which has a little mirror on, great for younger kids who love peek-a-boo. The teapot will say open and close and even pretend its tea is getting cold when you leave it open. The see-through window on the front of the teapot lights up the same colour as the flavour of tea it’s brewed, red for strawberry for example, and it has a little mechanism inside so it gives the illusion of real liquid in your teapot!

Musical Rainbow Tea Party Review

The Musical Rainbow Tea Party is that it claims to have 7 songs but 6 of those are the same song with different fruits/colours added. It technically has 7 songs, but in reality it’s 2. I think the educational potential this toy offers young children is fantastic though, the cake accessory alone can help you teach your kids a lot . I really love how the light up part of the teapot simulates real liquid when poured too!

Most importantly, all of my kids seem to love it. It helps educate the tiniest one and it’s cute seeing my older children host a tea party for the littler ones! It’s great fun, educational and promotes bonding playtime between siblings, friends and parent and child.

If you want to compare the Musical Rainbow Tea Party to a similar toy, check out my Smart Stages Tea Set review.

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