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Published on July 13th, 2016 | by Tae


Lego Ghostbusters Review – Ecto 1 & 2 Play set!

Lego Ghostbusters Review – Ecto 1 & 2 Play set! Tae
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Summary: A high quality, highly detailed Lego Ghostbusters set, little fans will love it!



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Ghostbusters recently had a re-vamp, so here come the Lego Ghostbusters themed toys! Yay! This play set caught my eye for my eldest as we both love the 1980’s movie and are going to see the 2016 one pretty soon. Here’s our Lego Ghostbusters review;


  • UK £49.99
  • US $59.99
  • 8-14 Years
  • 556 Pieces


Lego Ghostbusters Review Visuals & Features

This set is visually amazing. The detail on this set is of really high quality. The figurines have 2 different facial expressions switching between happy/content and angry/Ghostbusting (Kevin actually has a 2nd face that implies he’s possessed!). You can turn the head to change it. There’s the customisation that’s standard with the Lego franchise too! You can remove and change the hair, put on their Proton Packs, even change the facial expressions. The detail on the figurines is just outstanding, from their hair right down the the uniforms (or wings!).

The Ecto 1 vehicle is a really nice size. You can fit 4 of the Lego Ghostbusters inside it, the doors open and close and even the inside of the vehicle is detailed. There’s a big trunk that opens at the back of the vehicle to store Proton Packs and other Ghostbusing paraphernalia! There are some detail stickers you’ll have to put on the car, but most of the detail is printed onto the vehicle itself.

The Ecto 2 motorbike is a pretty standard Lego motorbike in white. There’s a little Ghostbusters logo sticker to put on it and a figurine can sit on it.

There’s Ghost Trapping equipment to play with too! The figurines can hold them and it really adds to the imagination play value of this set!

Lego Ghostbusters Review

Wow. This set is fantastic. If your child likes Ghostbusters, then they’ll adore this Lego Ghostbusters set! It’s such high quality and they give you a lot to play with. The price is a bit hefty, but that seems standard for Lego sets nowadays. The features and detailing on this Lego Ghostbusters set is set to a much higher standard than I’ve personally seen on other Lego sets.

I like how they gave more than just the Ghostbusters as figurines, you get a demon/gargoyle and a figurine that has a possessed face, so it gives your child a lot to work with in imagination play! There’s a lot of stories and possibilities for them to imagine up and play out, something I really love to encourage with my children!

My child absolutely adored it and it got him hyped up for the new movie. I love watching the little action stories he creates play out, it’s given him hours of fun! I really recommend this Ghostbusters Lego set if you have a little fan at home!

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