Baby and Toddler Equipment Munchkin 360 Review

Published on June 23rd, 2016 | by Tae


Munchkin 360 Review – Miracle Trainer Cup!

Munchkin 360 Review – Miracle Trainer Cup! Tae
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Summary: Lovely way to introduce your baby to drinking out of a cup. Makes the transition smooth and easy!



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There comes a time in every baby’s life where they need to move on from exclusive bottle or breast. If it’s about time you introduced a trainer cup to your tiny one, here’s our Munchkin 360 review;


  • UK £6.99

Munchkin 360 Review Visuals

This is the trainer Munchkin 360, so it’s not too big. It’s beautifully simple and really good quality. The Munchkin 360 is made of plastic with a little rubber top. It comes in a variety of different colours too. I’ve seen orange, blue, green and pink, all with white trainer handles and a rubber top that matches your chosen colour. Blue or pink seems to be the most common colour available in stores in the UK at the moment though.

Munchkin 360 Review Features

The Munchkin 360 is a non-spill trainer cup that enables your child to drink from anywhere on the rim, just like a real cup. It’s BPA free so completely safe for your little one. The fact that it does not have a spout or teat is better for your baby’s teeth and discourages the sucking motion so it’s better for their jaw muscles too! The trainer cup holds about 7 ounces/200ml.

Munchkin 360 Review

This was my chosen weaning cup for my current youngest. She had it from 6 months old and I’ve never looked back. Not only is it great for your child’s teeth, it’s better for their development as it encourages open mouth drinking rather than suckling.

It’s so easy to clean too. There was a lot of bother in the news over certain other sippy cups going mouldy as it wasn’t able to be washed thoroughly. You won’t have this problem with a Munchkin 360! The cup, the handles and the rubber valve all come apart for a clean. There’s no place you can’t clean on this cup.

Okay, so now I’ve said how great the Munchkin 360 is, I just want to get one little thing of my chest. This is advertised as 100% spill and leak proof. It is not. If your child throws this cup or drops it from a great height (e.g highchair), which they more than likely will, it will spill a bit. I’d say its more 99.5% spill proof and 100% leak proof as I’ve had no leaks. I’ve tossed it under the pram and in the middle of the change bag with no problems.

I believe the Munchkin 360 is one of the best trainer cups on the market right now as it offers clear advantages over most trainer cups on the market.

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