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Paw Patrol Gift Ideas

So, I did the Paw Patrol stocking filler ideas, here’s some big Paw Patrol gift ideas for the little fan in your life!

Paw Patrol Gift Ideas – Sea Patroller

RRP £69.99

paw patrol gift ideas

Sea Patroller on Amazon UK

Sea Patrol Light Up Marshall  on Amazon UK

Chase Sea Patrol Vehicle on Amazon UK

The Sea Patroller is a sea and land vehicle to aid the Pups on their water based missions! This toy, however, does not go in the water. I’d strongly advise against putting it in water of any kind. It’s just for imagination play. Goes great with the Sea Patrol Light Up Pups and Sea Patrol Vehicles.

Features lights and sounds, detachable anchor, working crane and cage, 2 life rings, Ryder and his ATV, an Octopus (to rescue?) and a helipad. You can fit up to 2 Paw Patrol Vehicles on the Sea Patroller.

Paw Patrol Gift Ideas – Paw Patrol Paw Terrain Vehicle

RRP £44.99

paw patrol gift ideas

Paw Patrol Paw Terrain Vehicle on Amazon UK

This all new Paw Patrol vehicle complements the Jungle Rescue range and play sets. The Paw Terrain Vehicle features lights and sounds, a real working crane and a rescue carry cage. It comes with Ryder, Mateo the parrot and a baby panther. It’s a cute addition for Paw Patrol fans if they already have a few Pups to compliment the set. Currently £34.99 in Argos.

Paw Patrol Gift Ideas – My Size Lookout Tower

RRP £109.99

paw patrol gift ideas

Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower on Amazon UK

At around 2.5 feet tall, this is a big Paw Patrol toy and the perfect HQ for all your child’s Paw Patrol missions. The tower features lights and sounds, such as the Pup’s signature phrases, think “Rubble on the double!”. There’s a working lift to get your Pups to the top and a nice big slide for your child to roll their Pups down and, hopefully, have them land in their vehicles, just like on the show.

It’s to be noted that this set only comes with 2 figures – Chase and Marshall with their respective Pup Packs, and only 1 car, Chase’s Police Vehicle. There’s room for all 6 Paw Patrol vehicles, so be prepared to add to it as the year goes on if you haven’t already got a selection of Pups already.

Paw Patrol Gift Ideas – Air Patroller

RRP £39.99

paw patrol gift ideas

Air Patroller on Amazon UK

The Air Patroller is a transforming helicoper/aeroplane with, of course, lights and sound. You can fit 6 Paw Patrol characters in the Air Patroller, 2 in the cockpit and 4 in the cargo hold. The Air Patroller comes with Robo Dog. It’s to be noted, the Air Patroller doesn’t fit Paw Patrol Vehicles, just the action Pups. It compliments the big Paw Patroller Truck rather nicely though, so this is a perfect gift if your child already has the Paw Patroller and a few pups.

Paw Patrol Gift Ideas – Monkey Temple Playset

RRP £54.99

paw patrol gift ideas

Monkey Temple Playset on Amazon UK

This playset, yes, featuring lights and sounds and also a trap door, goes perfectly with the Jungle Rescue Pup Vehicles and Paw Terrain Vehicle. It’s okay on its own, but like most Paw Patrol sets, it’s made better if you have a few other bits and pieces to go with it.

The Monkey Temple Playset comes with Tracker, his vehicle and a monkey.

Paw Patrol Stocking Filler Ideas


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