Preschool Toys Peppa Pig Musical Band Set Review

Published on December 5th, 2016 | by Tae


Peppa Pig Musical Band Set Review

Peppa Pig Musical Band Set Review Tae
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Summary: Lovely musical set, it's just let down by its durability.


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Do your kids love Peppa Pig? Here’s a fully functional band set featuring their favourite pig to get their creative sides going! Here’s our Peppa Pig Musical Band Set review;


    • £19.99
    • Ages 3+
    • No batteries needed




Peppa Pig Musical Band Set Review Visuals

Visually, the Peppa Big Musical Band Set is great. It’s bright, colourful and features your kids favourite cartoon pigs, Peppa and George. The instruments themselves aren’t too big, so they make for easy storage in your little ones toy chest. The biggest instrument is the drum, which has a circumference similar to a small plate, with the pair of maracas coming in close second.

Peppa Pig Musical Band Set Review Features

The Peppa Pig Musical Band Set comes with;

  • Drum and drumsticks
  • Maracas
  • Castanets
  • Symbols
  • Trumpet
  • Tambourine

The Peppa Pig Musical Band Set Review

While the Peppa Pig Musical Band Set looks okay and offers a lot of entertainment for your kids, it’s pretty badly made in my opinion. Everything just feels a tad flimsy. This was originally a gift for my middle child, but within approximately 20 minutes of her receiving it, my 1 year old had used the drum as a stage and gone straight through it. Much to her sisters disgust. Luckily, Grandad was around to save the day and took the drum home to repair it, only for my 1 year old to do the exact same thing 2 weeks later.

Perhaps we should bear in mind that the drum was not designed to be stood on by a chubby 1 year old, but I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed. Also, the trumpet is separating a little bit at the seams, though it still toots just fine and isn’t falling apart.

Negatives aside, my kids do actually love this set. The drum has a little strap for them to wear it around their necks and drum like a proper drummer, and the trumpet actually toots 3 different tones as well. I’m definitely pleased to report every instrument in the set works just fine. Yes, even the symbols. If your household is free of inquisitive, destructive 1 year olds, everything should be just fine!

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