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Published on November 6th, 2017 | by Tae


Pink Zoomer Pet – Zoomer Show Pony Review

Pink Zoomer Pet – Zoomer Show Pony Review Tae
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Summary: Beautiful, fun robot pet for your kids. Perfect if your kid always wanted a pony!


So Beautiful!

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Zoomer Pets are all the rage lately. I can see why, they’re pretty damn fun for kids. On one of my kids Christmas list this year was “Pink Zoomer Pet”, so here’s our Zoomer Show Pony review;

RRP £84.99

  • 4 AA Batteries Required (Not Included!)
  • Recommended Age 5+

Pink Zoomer Pet – Zoomer Show Pony Review Visuals

In my opinion, this is easily the prettiest Zoomer Pet. The eyes are big, bright and a lovely shape and Show Pony has a “real” mane and tail! The pink and white paint job gives a really lovely girly feel to the toy. Perfect if your child loves pink, princess-y, sparkly things.

Dimensions; 35.6 x 22.9 x 31.8 cm

Pink Zoomer Pet – Zoomer Show Pony Review Features

  • Her eyes light up to show how she feels; hungry, full, loved, groomed, tired
  • You can train her to do tricks; figure 8, spin, music, prance wiggle, backwards trot, counting
  • Can perform a show of up to 5 moves 
  • Feed her the carrot when she’s hungry
  • Reward her after shows with the sugar cube, but if you feed her too much sugar, she’ll go hyper and you’ll have to calm her down
  • You can groom her
  • Volume control

Show Pony comes with a carrot, an apple, a sugar cube and a grooming brush.

Pink Zoomer Pet – Zoomer Show Pony Review

I’m always amazed by Zoomer Pets considering the robot pets I had in the 90s (Poochi, anyone?). I just love the way Zoomer Pets move! Show Pony is really fast, stable and so impressive. The Show Pony seems really loving and hugely interactive too. You can stroke her head and cheeks and she’ll nuzzle into you and she loves being groomed. Your child will love teaching her tricks as it’s quite easy. It’s just hand gestures like “long nose stroke” or “brush left cheek”, your child and their Zoomer Show Pony will learn together!

To every toy there is a downside however. Show Pony looks great and has tonne of really cool features, but I just really don’t like the noises she makes. It sounds like a woman imitating a horse. I was a bit taken aback when I first heard it, I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that.

Asides from the noises she makes though, Show Pony is a solid choice if a pink Zoomer Pet is on your kids Christmas list this year.

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