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Published on July 10th, 2017 | by Tae


Potty Training Book – Princess Polly Potty

Our current youngest just turned 2, so it’s time for the dreaded potty training. She’s my feistiest child yet, so I have a feeling this is going to be a long and tough process! She loves books, so I’ve decided to take a stealthy approach to potty training and buy her a potty training book for us to read together, in the hopes it gets her interested in her own potty. I chose Princess Polly Potty by Andrea Pinnington, published by Ladybird.

Potty Training Book – Princess Polly Potty

Princess Polly Potty arrived in the mail last week, much to my excitement! My daughter has had her potty since she was 18 months old, and the most she does is sit on it to fart. After another day spent with my toddler ignoring her potty completely, I decided to buy a potty training book for us to read together. I was hoping it would get her excited enough to be interested. I chose Princess Polly Potty because it’s got a cheer button that your toddler can press when you’ve finished the page and if there’s one thing my girl loves, it’s a good cheer!

This potty training book talks about how Princess Polly wears her nappy but mummy, daddy and her big brother don’t. The only other person who wears a nappy is Princess Polly’s baby sister, but Princess Polly wants to be a big girl, not a baby!

The book takes your toddler to the potty store and to choose some grown up princess pants. This book engages your toddler by asking them questions like “Which potty do you think Princess Polly likes the best?” and “Which princess pants are YOUR favourite?”.

It takes your toddler through the basics of potty training like sitting on the potty, wees and poos, pulling their pants up and down and washing their hands, all while encouraging them to get involved and cheer Princess Polly on.

Potty Training Book – Princess Polly Potty Review

potty training book

We’ve only had this book a few days, but already it’s working how I wanted it to work. My beautifully stubborn child is actually taking an interest in her potty other than farting on it. We’ve still not had any wees or poos on the potty, but it’s a huge leap forward from where we were at before we got this potty training book.

It’s helped me introduce the potty to her gradually and not force it onto her, which would have just put her off even more. I read the book to her the first day we had it and then got the potty out afterwards and she ignored it. So the next day I got the potty and the book out at the same time and she started copying the book! It was a happiness only a potty training parent could understand! She absolutely loves the cheer button, as I suspected she would, and happily cheers along.

If you have a bloody minded, impatient toddler with a short attention span like mine, it might be worth giving this potty training book a go.

If princesses aren’t your toddlers thing, there’s also “Pirate Pete Potty

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