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Scuttlebug Review- The Bug Ride On

Scuttlebug Review- The Bug Ride On Tae
Ease of Use

Summary: A really fun looking ride-on toy for little ones! So many designs for them to choose from and it's great indoors and out!


Fun Looking!

Scuttlebug, if you haven’t heard of them, are brightly coloured foot to floor riders that encourage balance and steering skills in children aged 1-3. They were really popular with my neice and nephews, so I decided to get one for my toddler. Here’s our Scuttlebug review!


  •  UK £19.99
  • 1-3 Years




There are quite a few different varieties of Scuttlebug! Kids will love the designs and the eyes on the front are a nice touch. After all, who doesn’t want their first ride on to look like a ladybird or a bee?

They’re really well designed, with black inner wheels and matching outer wheels to the main colour of your toy, it’s very easy on the eyes.

The Scuttlebug definitely is a really fun looking ride on toy!

Dimensions; 22 x 13 x 16 inches.


Scuttlebug has a front wheel steer so your children can hone in their steering skills, a folding system for easy storage and travel, and non-scratch wheels to save your floors if you choose to use it indoors as well as outdoors.

Essentially, it is what it is, a ride on toy. There’s no lights or sounds (a plus for some parents) to distract from its purpose (or drive parents insane).

It is quiet, which is a plus if you’re using this toy indoors on wooden floors. If you’re in an apartment (or have neighbours in general) they won’t be knocking on your door complaining about the stampede you seem to be hosting.

The Scuttlebug also arrives completely set up. That is always a massive plus in my opinion as I’m utterly useless at constructing children’s toys. It came, we got it out and that was that. No screws, no jigsaw puzzle-esque construction, no praying to the God of toys.

Scuttlebug Review

The Scuttlebug ride on would probably be suited to children a little older than 1. I wouldn’t buy it as a first birthday present. That is unless you’re willing to just sit there and stare at it for a few months. My child didn’t really take a proper interest in the Scuttlebug until they were about 18 months old.

Once the interest was there though, they had a lot of fun riding up and down the living room, even taking it outside to have a scuttle around the park. It’s a great outdoor as well as indoor activity if space allows.

The folding feature is extremely convenient if you want to take it on a day out, it probably won’t get folded down at home though.  Ours has been up in the living room since the day we got it, only being folded to go for a trip in the car. That being said, having it up all the time isn’t much of an inconvenience. Although it’s a toy with an age range for 1-3, it’s not obscenely big. In fact, if you have an older/taller child, they might find it a tad too small.

I think the overall look of the Scuttlebug is really cute and fun. We have the Bumble Scuttlebug, as my daughter really likes bees, though if it was my choice, I’d have probably gone for the butterfly one!

I don’t really have anything negative to say in this Scuttlebug review, it does exactly what it says it does!

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