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Published on June 11th, 2016 | by Tae


Term-Time Holidays – Are they so bad?

Is it such a bad thing to want to take your children on holiday in term-time? I personally think the answer is no.

2013 was a sad year for many parents. The Department of Education introduced fines for parents who choose to take their children out of school to go on holiday. With the recent events surrounding a high court ruling in favour of a parent who took his child out of school without the schools “authorisation”, it looked like this might be the end to the ridiculous scheme. Unfortunately, that is not so. Headteachers are still being encouraged to enforce this rule thanks to school minister, Nick Gibb.

My opinion on this has been firm from the beginning. I hate this rule and I actually work in education, so I definitely can’t holiday in term-time as it’s strictly not allowed and never has been to the best of my knowledge. But I really do think this is ridiculous and unfair. If your child does well in school and has a great attendance record, I really don’t see the problem. Term-time holidays are ridiculously expensive compared to non term-time and lets face it, actually managing to get term-time holiday from work can be extremely hard when competing against your co-workers who also want that exact week off for the exact same reasons.

At the end of it all, they’re our children, not the schools. What if your child is performing badly in school because of stress? What if they don’t want to go to school because they simply just need a break to recharge their batteries?  Adults can do that, most jobs allow us to take holiday time whenever we want and the world doesn’t fall apart. We don’t forget how to do our jobs and have our performance greatly suffer.

I’m all for education, I send my kids to school every single day unless they have a solid reason and accept a doctors visit, but most families only holiday once a year for one, maybe two weeks. Is your child really going to fall so far behind they’ll never make it up ever again in their little lives? Can teachers not send work sheets for the children to complete every night if that one week is so important?

I had really hoped recent events were a turning corner to abolishing this rule. But sadly, it seems to be going as strong as ever.


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