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Published on November 2nd, 2017 | by Tae


Toomies Octopals Review – Baby Bath Toys

We originally got this Tomy toy 3, maybe 4 years ago and it’s stood the test of time! I feel like it deserves it’s own article because we’ve had it so long. Here’s our Toomies Octopals review;
RRP £12.99

Toomies Octopals Review Visuals

It’s a bright and playful looking bath toy. There’s a floating green platform than Octo-mummy and all her Octo-babies can sit on. Very colourful, with numbers written on each Octo-baby. The Octo-mummy and the Octo-babies are a lovely size for babies and toddlers!

Dimensions;  30 x 13 x 28 cm

Toomies Octopals Review Features

Octo-mummy (the orange cup in the middle) is a plastic water sprinkler and the Octo-babies are all little water squirters and suction toys so they can stick to the side of the bath. The base has numbers and each Octo-baby has a corresponding number so you can help your child learn to count whilst in the bath. There’s also pairs of Octo-babies, so your toddler can play a pairs game as well as a numbers game.

Toomies Octopals Review

As I said earlier, we’ve had this toy for around 3/4 years. The only part that’s still left is the orange sprinkler cup, but it’s by far the best hair washer we’ve ever had! My kids have loved the orange cup since the were old enough to grab and hold things. It’s the first thing my kids throw in the bath at bath time. It lets out a sprinkle of water quite wide and slow compared to similar cups. It’s like a baby shower (a literal baby shower, not a party by the way.)!

The Octo-baby water squirters lasted a little bit longer than expected, as you probably know, toys of that nature tend to go mouldy and gross quite quickly. I’m 100% sure we had the squirters for over a year before they went gross though. It could be because I’m extra vigilant about emptying squirter toys, or perhaps they’re made slightly better than most. I can’t say for sure.

Either way, it’s a cute little gift for water babies. Educational as well as fun!


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