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Vtech Pull and Play Kitten!

Vtech Pull and Play Kitten! Tae
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Summary: Lovely little pull a long kitten for your babies! They'll really love the cat design!


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Looking for a pull along toy for your little one? Come and have a look at the Vtech Pull and Play Kitten! It’s got the lights, music and all the cuteness you’d expect from a Vtech toy.


    • UK £15.99
    • USA $12.99
    • 6-36 Months
    • 2 AAA Batteries (included)


The Vtech Pull and Play Kitten comes in white or pink, we chose white. She has the 3 colourful ABC buttons on her forehead, a red flashy nose and a brightly coloured ball of wool between her paws. This toy is fantastic, durable quality. My current youngest doesn’t quite grasp “pull along” yet and swings it around instead. So, the Vtech Pull and Play Kitten has taken her fair share of knocks and is still singing!

I intentionally chose this toy for my little one because she loves the cats. It was the right move because she’s smitten with this very cute kitten!

Dimensions; 8.1 x 5.4 x 4.1 inches.


The ABC buttons on her forehead teach your child those 3 letters when pressed. The music and encouraging sounds are activated when your little one pulls the kitten. All her legs move and the ball of wool rolls when she’s pulled too.

Vtech Pull and Play Kitten: Review

As I mentioned earlier, I chose this pull along for my youngest as she loves the cats. My cats, being old and cranky, really do not love her though. She was quite taken with this toy even though she’s relatively  young for it. I love how the legs and wool move along with the toy as you pull it, it’s a great feature.

I also love the design, what with it being a pet. It’s like your baby’s very own pretend pet! There’s a lot of room for imagination play as they grow. My older children often “take the cat for a walk” so I’m hopeful this toy will grow with my youngest too.

The obligatory niggles of the toy are that the string is a bit shorter than it should be in my opinion. It could do with a couple of inches more and the kitten is a bit unstable when pulled too fast, she will definitely topple. Also, it’s advertised as being able to teach colours, but I’ve never actually heard it say any colours. Just the letters.

Other than that, it’s a great pull along for little kids. They’ll love the cat design and her little “woos!” and giggles as they pull her along on their next adventure together. After all, you don’t want too many features and electronic buttons to distract your child from the real aim of the toy.

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