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Published on June 12th, 2016 | by Tae


Weaning Suction Bowl Review – Do They Work?

Feeding time for babies and toddlers are a messy, messy time, here’s a weaning suction bowl review, because whether you do baby led weaning or traditional weaning, your floor is going to get all kinds of food rained upon it as your baby learns to eat. Are weaning suction bowls the answer to our prayers, or a giant waste of money?

Weaning Suction Bowl Review; What weaning suction bowls claim to do

Weaning suction bowls claim to save the mess by sticking to the surface your child is eating on, preventing your baby from picking up the bowl and throwing it around.

Weaning Suction Bowl Review; What weaning suction bowls actually do

Get picked up by your baby with SO. MUCH. FORCE. That you no longer have to worry about your precious floor, but your precious walls.

Okay, so maybe that was a little unfair. I had a couple of bad experiences with my weaning suction bowls, but sometimes they do actually work.

I bought them when my current youngest was about 10 months old as I was getting sick of spreading giant disposable tablecloths over the floors and wrapping up my furniture until my living room resembled a scene straight out of Dexter.

The first few uses were wonderful, it stuck to the highchair and my baby happily fed herself her meals. I’d sit there, quietly observing and drinking my tea with a victory smirk. Until the fateful day my daughter decided enough was enough and this bowl WAS getting thrown and was getting thrown today.

I must admit this has only happened twice, and I still use the weaning suction bowls today, as when they stick right, the babies really can’t get them off. The key is actually getting them to stick right but it seems very hit and miss.

If you’re willing to play Russian Roulette with food instead of bullets, you may want to try weaning suction bowls for you and your baby. When they work, they work well. And when they don’t.. well, I’m sure I’ve given you an idea of what goes wrong.

What weaning suction bowls are actually really, really great for though, is when your baby starts practicing with cutlery. The bowls stay in place so your baby is only chasing the food around the bowl instead of chasing the bowl round the highchair.

Want to try weaning suction bowls?


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